Ten Patterned Linens to Brighten your Spring Soiree

As we bid farewell to the winter chill and embrace the vibrant spirit of spring, it’s time to adorn our tables with linens that radiate freshness and vitality. But don’t worry-we have done the work for you and picked out ten patterned linens to brighten your spring soiree.

So we present to you a curated selection of our top patterned linens, each carefully chosen to brighten any event with polish and charm. From timeless classics like Hunter Aviara and Charleston to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, let’s explore the perfect linens to make your event as memorable as it is remarkable.


Introducing our latest collection, The Serenity Collection, where soft hues, gentle tones, and subtle shimmers come together to create an ambiance of tranquility and elegance, perfect for any spring festivity.

Don’t be intimidated by patterns with the tranquil charm of Blooming Kyoto, an exquisitely embroidered linen designed to bring a subtle touch of spring to your event. Paired effortlessly with gold accents, it adds a refinement that captivates all who gather.

For a refreshing take on vernal decor, consider Blush Fen—a texture-rich linen that exudes understated sophistication. Its gentle blush hue complements deep accents beautifully, inviting guests to bask in its softness.


The Jolie Collection brings everything you need for that distinguished spring quality—playfulness. Featuring an array of prints including block prints, botanical themes, and brocade-inspired motifs, this collection was designed to make a statement and add a touch of magic to your event.

It’s the kind of subtle pattern that will make everyone want a closer look—in the best way possible. A blush hue that pairs well with other blush accents, it’s the perfect pattern to pair with those fresh-bloomed florals.

A timeless favorite, Hunter Aviara captures the essence of spring with its refreshing pattern reminiscent of a breath of fresh air. Versatile and inviting, it adds an air of intimacy and grandeur to any celebration.


A collection inspired by our love of Indian block printing, hand embroidery, and watercolor motifs, these are patterns to swear by.

Now is the season for green accents—there’s never too much. An intricately textured and embroidered linen, pairing the Celadon Hampton with greenery and white accents ensures your soiree feels like a regal affair.

A Nuage legacy print, there is hardly anything more timeless or spring-like than the Wedgewood Charleston. Its tranquil blues offer serenity across the tablescape, uplifting all that graces the table and the spirits of the atmosphere.


Perhaps an unsung collection, the Ethereal Collection is one of divine inspiration. Drawing from abstraction and visionary textures and prints, these chic linens are guaranteed to be the conversation starters of the season.

Lace never goes out of season, but if we had to play seasonal match-makers, we would pair it with spring. With a pattern that beckons the eye to come closer, it provides the perfect canvas for pops of floral color and pairs well with gold or silver accents. Its versatility will awaken any event.

You may have seen our White Iris featured in Brides, likened to an Oscar de la Renta gown. Its soft edges and abstract pattern offer much more than just a lace overlay—it brings whimsicality and freshness to any event.


Last but certainly not least, the Ceci New York Collection features artwork designed by Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York. Ceci’s award-winning, one-of-a-kind hand-painted prints have graced invitations, stationery, and numerous other art forms commissioned by international luxury and fashion brands, celebrities, royalty, presidents, and private collectors worldwide. We are thrilled to bring them to life as textiles, featuring bold florals like never seen before.

Boldness doesn’t have to be loud and obstructive. Sometimes, it means subtle pastels that blur the lines between the two. Avoid cliché spring florals with Innocence Imogen, a fresh take on a muted theme that allows for pops of candlelight and grand accents, creating the perfect ambiance for loved ones to gather.

This print lets your guests know one thing—winter is gone, and warmer days are here. Hibiscus Palm is a pattern that evokes smiles and laughter while maintaining sublime taste. Elevate your springtime soiree with a hint of tropical, colorful accents, and florals that will be impossible to ignore.

Creative Partners

Blooming Kyoto – Serenity / Photography: katielopezphotography
Blush Fen – Serenity / Photography: katielopezphotography
Dusty Rose Nola – Jolie / Host: @getfeeel, Photography: @trentbaileystudio
Hunter Aviara – Jolie / Planner: @lilyandleigh_, Photographers: @johnandjoseph
Celadon Hampton – Veranda / Planner: @llcevents, Photography: @madisonbanksphotoandevents
Wedgewood Charleston – Veranda / Planning & Design: @julianleaver, Photographer: @kilpat
White Isabella Lace – Ethereal / Planning, design and production: @wrennwooddesign @amberly.odom, Photography: @lindseytaylorphotography
White Iris – Ethereal / Wedding planning and event design: Francesca Leme for Lauryn Prattes Events, Photography: Abby Jiu
Innocence Imogen – by Ceci New York / Planning & Floral Design: @rroseevents, Photographer: @oliviasuriano