Fiori: A Love Letter to Italian Elegance

Introducing the Fiori collection, a love letter to the Italian spirit: the joy of slowing down among delicate flowers, savoring the moment and creating lasting memories with loved ones. This, the essence of la dolce vita, is the inspiration behind our newest collection.

Fiori is an invitation to weave the charm of the Mediterranean into any celebration. From frescoes and paintings to architectural decorative motifs, floral designs have long been a rich part of Italy’s artistic heritage. Set against the stunning backdrop of Lake Como, this exquisite collection bloomed to life, capturing the essence of Italian elegance in every detail.

Timeless Details, Exquisite Quality

Each linen in the Fiori collection is woven with the endless inspiration of flowers, inviting the outdoors in thread by thread. From the graceful embroidery on our Chambray Fiorina and White Regina linens, the fresh soothing pastel prints of Spring Balbiano and intricate geometric patterning on our Celery Bari linen, the creative possibilities are boundless.

Whether gracing the courtyard for an al fresco soirée, or setting the perfect scene for an intimate dinner in the gentle glow of candlelight, Fiori is a timeless and refined collection that embraces the spirit of la dolce vita, and creating lasting memories that bloom forever.

Discover the full collection here. L’amore è il fiore della vita!

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Chicago Calling: Our showroom opens its doors

Chicago’s event planning and design community came alive last month as we officially opened the doors of our brand new showroom: a creative space curated to inspire your next design vision with our dynamic range of linens, napkins, accessories and furniture.

Attendees were treated to a sneak peek of our forthcoming collection through an assortment of inspired vignettes designed by HMR Designs. Anchored by their stunning floral centerpieces, the tablescapes came to life with china, flatware, and glassware provided by The Festive Frog.

Venturing further into our warehouse, guests discovered even more inspiration in an intimate space created with drapery from Kehoe Designs. Among these curated vignettes, we welcomed our creative partners to connect and catch up over delicious light bites, canapés, and refreshing drinks provided by Food For Thought. Of course, no Nuage Designs inauguration is complete without a touch of custom Nuage swag! Guests selected their choice of handmade linen tote bags, complete with local Windy City Sweets truffles, as they wrapped up their visit with us.

We created a space that’s equal parts inviting and inspirational to make the event planning process with us more personalized and seamless. In a world where every detail matters, we’ve designed our showroom to be a place to explore the textures and functionality of our event essentials first-hand: from the crisp drape of linens and napkins, to statement furniture offerings like accent chairs and lounge items, you can get a complete sense of how all our pieces play together, and find endless inspiration for designing and planning your client’s dream event.

Consider this your official invitation to discover the depth and detail of our inventory in person! We can’t wait to welcome you to our Chicago showroom and collaborate on your next magnificent event.

A huge thank you to our sponsors:

Ten Patterned Linens to Brighten your Spring Soiree

As we bid farewell to the winter chill and embrace the vibrant spirit of spring, it’s time to adorn our tables with linens that radiate freshness and vitality. But don’t worry-we have done the work for you and picked out ten patterned linens to brighten your spring soiree.

So we present to you a curated selection of our top patterned linens, each carefully chosen to brighten any event with polish and charm. From timeless classics like Hunter Aviara and Charleston to hidden gems waiting to be discovered, let’s explore the perfect linens to make your event as memorable as it is remarkable.


Introducing our latest collection, The Serenity Collection, where soft hues, gentle tones, and subtle shimmers come together to create an ambiance of tranquility and elegance, perfect for any spring festivity.

Don’t be intimidated by patterns with the tranquil charm of Blooming Kyoto, an exquisitely embroidered linen designed to bring a subtle touch of spring to your event. Paired effortlessly with gold accents, it adds a refinement that captivates all who gather.

For a refreshing take on vernal decor, consider Blush Fen—a texture-rich linen that exudes understated sophistication. Its gentle blush hue complements deep accents beautifully, inviting guests to bask in its softness.


The Jolie Collection brings everything you need for that distinguished spring quality—playfulness. Featuring an array of prints including block prints, botanical themes, and brocade-inspired motifs, this collection was designed to make a statement and add a touch of magic to your event.

It’s the kind of subtle pattern that will make everyone want a closer look—in the best way possible. A blush hue that pairs well with other blush accents, it’s the perfect pattern to pair with those fresh-bloomed florals.

A timeless favorite, Hunter Aviara captures the essence of spring with its refreshing pattern reminiscent of a breath of fresh air. Versatile and inviting, it adds an air of intimacy and grandeur to any celebration.


A collection inspired by our love of Indian block printing, hand embroidery, and watercolor motifs, these are patterns to swear by.

Now is the season for green accents—there’s never too much. An intricately textured and embroidered linen, pairing the Celadon Hampton with greenery and white accents ensures your soiree feels like a regal affair.

A Nuage legacy print, there is hardly anything more timeless or spring-like than the Wedgewood Charleston. Its tranquil blues offer serenity across the tablescape, uplifting all that graces the table and the spirits of the atmosphere.


Perhaps an unsung collection, the Ethereal Collection is one of divine inspiration. Drawing from abstraction and visionary textures and prints, these chic linens are guaranteed to be the conversation starters of the season.

Lace never goes out of season, but if we had to play seasonal match-makers, we would pair it with spring. With a pattern that beckons the eye to come closer, it provides the perfect canvas for pops of floral color and pairs well with gold or silver accents. Its versatility will awaken any event.

You may have seen our White Iris featured in Brides, likened to an Oscar de la Renta gown. Its soft edges and abstract pattern offer much more than just a lace overlay—it brings whimsicality and freshness to any event.


Last but certainly not least, the Ceci New York Collection features artwork designed by Ceci Johnson of Ceci New York. Ceci’s award-winning, one-of-a-kind hand-painted prints have graced invitations, stationery, and numerous other art forms commissioned by international luxury and fashion brands, celebrities, royalty, presidents, and private collectors worldwide. We are thrilled to bring them to life as textiles, featuring bold florals like never seen before.

Boldness doesn’t have to be loud and obstructive. Sometimes, it means subtle pastels that blur the lines between the two. Avoid cliché spring florals with Innocence Imogen, a fresh take on a muted theme that allows for pops of candlelight and grand accents, creating the perfect ambiance for loved ones to gather.

This print lets your guests know one thing—winter is gone, and warmer days are here. Hibiscus Palm is a pattern that evokes smiles and laughter while maintaining sublime taste. Elevate your springtime soiree with a hint of tropical, colorful accents, and florals that will be impossible to ignore.

Creative Partners

Blooming Kyoto – Serenity / Photography: katielopezphotography
Blush Fen – Serenity / Photography: katielopezphotography
Dusty Rose Nola – Jolie / Host: @getfeeel, Photography: @trentbaileystudio
Hunter Aviara – Jolie / Planner: @lilyandleigh_, Photographers: @johnandjoseph
Celadon Hampton – Veranda / Planner: @llcevents, Photography: @madisonbanksphotoandevents
Wedgewood Charleston – Veranda / Planning & Design: @julianleaver, Photographer: @kilpat
White Isabella Lace – Ethereal / Planning, design and production: @wrennwooddesign @amberly.odom, Photography: @lindseytaylorphotography
White Iris – Ethereal / Wedding planning and event design: Francesca Leme for Lauryn Prattes Events, Photography: Abby Jiu
Innocence Imogen – by Ceci New York / Planning & Floral Design: @rroseevents, Photographer: @oliviasuriano

Elevate your Corporate Design with these Serenity Collection Favorites

In the corporate events world, there is a magnitude of choices when it comes to linens. Whether a simple or intricate style, making the right choice sets the tone for these distinct and unique events. Today, we’re taking out all of the guesswork and bringing you the ultimate hero list of linens from our new Serenity Collection.

Take a look at five surefire ways to meet the sophistication that is demanded by corporate functions, galas, fundraisers, and non-profit soirées.


Featured: Olive Aria

If you’re looking for an elegant balance of demure intricate pattern work, the Aria linen is going to be your go-to. With a delicate yet striking weave, any of Aria’s 5 colorways are guaranteed to set the foundation for a dynamic tablescape that can effortlessly take on the theme of any event.

What you’ll love about Aria: modern and understated charm, versatile use, subtle yet eye-catching.

Platinum Celeste

Seeking a bit of dazzle without going disco? Platinum Celeste answers the call with its pinpoint shimmers grabbing just enough light to catch your guests’ attention. A magnificent choice for awards ceremonies, 25th “silver” anniversary celebrations, and winter wonderland affairs, you’ll find broad-reaching appeal with this linen.

What you’ll love about Platinum Celeste: understated metallic details, just a touch of sparkle, an interesting take on a “solid”.

Oro Luna

For a bit of added warmth in the ballroom, look no further than Oro Luna. The sister colorway to the cool-toned Cloud Luna, this stunning linen has the perfect mix of sparkle and muted neutral tones, making it a front-runner for an event that delivers both style and form.

What you’ll love about Oro Luna: versatile to style, gives a glam pop, unique colorway.

Champagne Shiloh

No, we don’t have favorites, but if we did, Champagne Shiloh just might be it (please, don’t tell the others). Sophistication meets professionalism in this stunning white and champagne linen, with a pattern so subtle even the most traditional of clients can get on board. Champagne Shiloh is a star in her simplicity, making it an ideal choice for galas and non-profit events where understated glamour is the key to leaving a lasting impact.

What you’ll love about Champagne Shiloh: effortlessly sophisticated, warm & bright tones, will leave a lasting impression.


Featured: Slate Fen

The Fen linen style comes in a broad range of colorways, crowning it one of the Serenity Collection’s most versatile linen choices for professional events. From cool slate tones to warm blushes, Fen presents an opportunity to unify the stages of your event by carrying a consistent texture across a spectrum of colorways – making it simpler than ever to position yourself as a design expert.

What you’ll love about Fen: colorway variety, versatile to style, and great outdoor event choice.

Corporate and professional events demand more than just functionality; they require a meticulous attention to detail and an infusion of style that encourages conversations, meaningful connections and leaves wonderful impression on all.

These top picks from our Serenity Collection transcend the ordinary, and elevate your event with the finest quality linens that speak the language of refinement.

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Creative Partners

Photography: Katie Lopez
Florals: Anthology Co.

Winter Styling: Embracing the serene hues of the season

Winter is a heartwarming time to entertain, with its long starry evenings and chilly night air. We’re remarking at the many ways in which the season can inspire cordial gatherings around the table with loved ones.

The warm glow of candlelight dances across the shimmering surface of our Crystallize Pebbles linen, sparkling like a blanket of fresh snow at this wintry gathering.

Layers of embellished cream china add depth and interest to this subdued palette of green and off-white.

Inviting lighting creates an intimate atmosphere at this chic gathering, where little moments of interest await discovery at each upholstered seat.

The casual drape of our Bone Sonoma Fringe napkins adds a relaxed element to this sophisticated monochromatic setting.

Winter is a prime season to embellish with rich burgundy & rose hues, adding a bold touch to a snowy white ensemble.

The subtle introduction of black accents throughout a neutral palette instantly shifts the mood into a sleek evening affair.

Glowing gold, hunter green, and rich burgundy are a tonal trio made in heaven.

Add seasonal depth to your classic blue and white palette by incorporating warm brown & gold accents.

Softer hues of peach and cream provide a warm respite during colder months, especially when styled with an array of orange, melon, and berry tones.

Tradition abounds at this serene tablescape where silver and sky blue notes blend seamlessly.

Bold colors create excitement and energy, and limiting your palette to one or two hues ensures total sophistication.

Dress your lavender tablescape with dramatic cool tones to create a sumptuous mood.

A contemporary composition of clean lines and organic textures is delightful any time of year, but these accents in saturated hues are prime for a cold winter’s night.

Creative Partners//

Photo 01 & 06
Planning & Design: @kaileerobertsdesign | Photography: @jennamcelroyphoto

Photo 02
Planning: @partiesalacarte | Design: @mmdevents @amandaallendesigns | Photography: @lediatashi

Photo 03
Photography: @abbylindseyphotography | Venue: Villa San Giacomo @villasangiacomo | Workshop Host: AMV Retreats @amv_retreats

Photo 04
Planning & Design: @eventstoat | Photography: @jakeandersonphoto

Photo 05
Planning & Concept Design: @lisikorn_signatureevents | Event Photographer: @bringmesomewherenice | Decor Photographer: @jessicariekephoto

Photo 07
Planning & Design: @sarahbrehantevents | Photography: @abbyjiu, @c10ike, @melanieruthphoto, @colleenannelennehan, @kristajeanphotography

Photo 08
Design Planning & Styling: @_lauren_field | Photography: @kristinlavoiephoto

Photo 09
Creative Director: @iraandlucy | Photography: @seanthomasphoto

Photo 10
Photography: @radionphotography

Photo 11
Design: @annawynndesigns | Photography: @pipervine

Photo 12
Planning & Design: @ccceventplanning | Photography: @mvs.photography13

Photo 13
Design & Styling: @lustretheory | Photography:

Photo 14
Planning & Design: @silkandslateco | Photography @kylajeanette

A Look Back: Celebrating the Year’s Most Iconic Designs

As we bid adieu to another remarkable year, join us in revisiting the spectrum of breathtaking events in which we were so fortunate to collaborate. From delicate & romantic to bold & brilliant, let’s celebrate the artistry that defined our year and set the stage for trends to come.

Romance filled every moment of this French countryside affair. We can still smell the subtle scent of lavender in the air!

The bold contrast of black & white elements at this striking celebration was softened by gently curved chandeliers glowing from above. Combined with grand arrangements of lush greenery atop leather lasercut linens, this event was an impressive marriage of modern meets organic design.

Combining clean architectural lines with a softly draped environment, this celebration balanced ‘chic’ and ‘sweet’ with ease.

Warm wood tables and classic touches of black made for a welcoming environment, but the vibrant canopy of tropical greenery really set the tone for this soiree.

With the gentle glow of gold & amber tones woven throughout a clean white tent, this glamorous gathering made statements from every angle.

The subtle pattern of our Ivory Camille linen and a minimalist tablescape created perfect harmony beneath this chandelier’s grandeur.

This Chicago wedding found harmony in variety: the combination of chairs, the juxtaposition of branches against crystal chandeliers, the flicker of candles against ambient lighting. A perfect reflection of two families becoming one.

This intimate gathering took full advantage of nature’s golden hour to highlight the warmth of the tablescape’s earthy color palette.

This reimagined floor plan brought guests together in a new way, adding renewed interest to a classic spring wedding in soft pinks, blues, and greens.

A classic combination of navy and gold is a clear choice for formal dining at its finest.

A Dutch masterpiece brought to life, this moody design drew warmth from gently lit wooden beams & whimsical flowers on a bed of deep charcoal linens.

Creative Partners//

Photo 01
– Host: @thesisterworkshops
– Lead photographers: @kenzrempel, @courtneydueppengiesser
– Planners: @poppi_company

Photo 02
– Photography: demimabry
– Planning and Design: katrinahutchinsevents

Photo 03
– Planning and Design: katsaenzproductions
– Photography: ktcrabbphoto

Photo 04
– Planning & Production: @biancabinc
– Design & Decor: @cerkacreative
– Photo: @medialandnyc

Photo 05
– Event Planner: @ccceventplanning
– Rentals: @nuagedesignsinc, @tali_table_designs
– Photography: @adriana.rivera.miranda

Photo 06
– Workshop Host: @amv_retreats
– Wedding Planning, Styling + Design: @amv_weddings
– Educators: @sophiekayephotography, @jaymojaymes, @mariahbucuphotography
– BTS Photo: @mekinasaylor, @johnnyvacar

Photo 07
– Venue: @stregischicago, @mirurestaurant
– Planning: @livenitup, @lizkriegs
– Floral + Decor: @kehoedesigns, @kehoedarling
– Lighting + Production:
– Band: @beatmixchicago
– Photography: @danielleheinsonphotography

Photo 08
– Venue: @primlandauberge, @aubergeresorts
– Photography: @katethompsonweddings, @bettyclicker
– Planning, Design & Production (including floral design & stationery): @rroseevents

Photo 09
– Photography + Videography: @cameronandelizabeth
– Planning + Design: @amandareedweddings

Photo 10
– Planning: Birch Events
– Photography: Erika Delgado Photography

Photo 11
– Venue: @blackberryfarm
– Planner Designer: @bustleevents
– Floral Designer: @tulipinadesign
– Photography: @josevilla

Playful Prints and Textures

‘Tis the season to celebrate! Traditional holiday themes will always be in style, but we love having a little fun by incorporating patterned table linens into our festive setup. From classic silhouettes to contemporary motifs, discover how the right table linens can turn your dining space into a stylish and memorable haven for celebrating the season. Get ready to be inspired as we explore the magic that patterned table linens bring to holiday decorating!

A playful palette of blues and pinks beckons visions of sugarplum fairies at this stylish gathering.

The subtle texture of our Natural Western linen adds a refined touch to this smartly curated tablescape, allowing the classic blue and white China to set a sophisticated tone.

Layering neutral elements in a variety of textures and patterns is a recipe for effortless style. Our Earth Aviara napkin draws the eye to discover countless subtle details infused throughout this clean setting.

The warm glow of candlelight atop an inviting expanse of ice blue velvet is a classic holiday combination, especially when paired with deep wine & evergreen hues.

Long linear tables become even more dramatic when dressed in stripes. The natural lines of our Arlo linen give this impressive setting an approachable edge without compromising on sophistication.

Let your warm winter golds & reds shine brightly with a crisp white foundation. The addition of a thoughtful napkin accompaniment in a coordinating tone is all you need to tie it all together.

Creative Partners//

Photo 01 & 03
Venue: @thevirginiahouse
Editorial Design & Planning: @jamielynnsigweddings
Photographer & Editorial Host: @alainaronquillophoto

Photo 02
Design: @zelaevents + @sarahbrennanevents
Floral Design: @zelaevents
Photography: @middlegreystudios

Photo 04
Workshop Hosts: @thesisterworkshops
Lead Photographers: @kenzrempel, @courtneydueppengiesser
Planners: @poppi_company

Photo 05
Event Design & Planning: @haleykellyevents
Photographer: @annerhettphotography

Photo 06
Venue: @castleleslie
Workshop Host: @amv_retreats
Wedding Planning, Styling & Design: @amv_weddings
Educators: @sophiekayephotography

Photo 07
Planner: Rachel Behar Events
Venue: Il Cantinori
Photographer: Loreto Caceres

Holiday Glamour: Hosting with grand appeal

Illuminate the spirit of the season with the sophisticated glamour of our Radiance Collection. Whether your inspired aesthetic calls for traditional or maximalist tones, there is a linen with just the right touch of sparkle to make your gathering feel thoughtfully radiant.

Add a dash of glamour to the scene with our Hunter Constellation Linen. Paired here with classic magnolia foliage, the festive shimmering sequins cast a sparkle of excitement on this traditional tablescape.

Invite visions of sugarplums dancing across the table with the unexpected purple jewel tone and luxurious velvet texture of our regal Plum Neiman Linen.

Bring a sense of calm and tranquility to the table with our Champagne Constellation Linen. A bright polish to any winter soiree.

Good tidings of comfort arrive with the deep blue velvet of our Indigo Velluto Linen, perfect for ushering in the distinctive grandeur of the holiday season.

Mirror the abundance of the season by layering in the Gold Constellation Linen along with various heights of candlelight to cast a warm glow around the table.

Deck the halls with the ultimate adornment: our Midnight Garden Linen. As glamorous as it is alluring, this delightful linen was made for festive fetes.

Our Berry Kalina Linen boasts bold hues of crimson and burgundy to host the whimsical nostalgia of a Nutcracker-inspired tabletop.

A jubilant air of revelry arrives for a late night of storytelling around the table with an elegant mix of silver and blue sequins in our Indigo Constellation.

Creative Partners//

Photo 01: House of Design Events, Katie Lopez Photography
Photo 02 – Left: Social Llama Events, Caitlin McNeil Photography
Photo 02 – Right: House of Design Events, Katie Lopez Photography
Photo 03: Birch Events, Erika Delgado Photography
Photo 04: House of Design Events, Katie Lopez Photography
Photo 05: House of Design Events, Katie Lopez Photography
Photo 06: Social Llama Events, Caitlin McNeil Photography
Photo 07: House of Design Events, Katie Lopez Photography

Radiance Collection – Dazzle the Night Away!

Our dazzling Radiance Collection is filled with lush fabrics in rich colors that are ready to fête. This opulent palette of scintillating jewel tones brings a new level of excitement to even the grandest of galas. Radiate with us; it’s time to shine!

Browse the full catalog to see all that Radiance has to offer, or explore a few feature highlights from the collection below!

Browse the catalog & be inspired

Midnight Garden

Onyx Constellation

Gold Constellation

Hunter Constellation

Wine Constellation

Mirrored Zainab

Champagne Constellation

Violet Mystique

Platinum Constellation

Indigo Constellation

Creative Partners//

Photography: Katie Lopez
Florals: House of Design Events

Footer Image
Venue: InterContinental Paris – Le Grand
Planner: Alejandra Poupel Events
Florals: Roni Floral Design
Photo: Allan Zepeda

Table Settings Inspired by Autumn

Cooler temperatures lure us back to indoor entertaining, where candlelit dinners and warm palettes are the stars of ever-shortening days. These tablescapes capture the charm of the season with their earthy hues and natural textures, inviting us to linger in the company of loved ones just a bit longer.

A simple wooden table provided a strong statement structure, making the addition of our Dove Terra napkin an opportune moment to soften the environment.

The rich red and rust tones paired with soft pink hues of our Amber Suzani linen created an inviting warmth under this mantle’s imposing grandeur.

Autumn leaves danced across our Sage Green Grace linen, and the gentle drape of our Cashmere Terra napkins made a lovely nod to the textures and tones of the season.

Our Honey Nola linen and Natural Western napkins paired seamlessly to create a classic autumnal palette of chestnut, oak, and terra cotta beside this traditional hearth in Tuscany.

The subtle inclusion of amber glassware alongside Oatmeal Velluto linens and napkins transformed this sleek, neutral concept into a modern fall fete.

Mint, rose, and tangerine hues can play well into the Fall months as heavy-handed fabrics nod to cooler temps outdoors. Our Seamist and Rose Metallic Burlap tones were a welcome departure from the norm at this autumn affair.

Layering the textures of our White Isabella Lace linen with Rattan chargers and raw-hemmed Cactus Sonoma Fringe napkins created a charming scene for gathering in the company of good friends.

Square tables with our Taupe Arlo linen were smartly chosen to mirror the linear elements in the ceiling, yet this designer achieved balance with elegant curved dining chairs in a lush sienna velvet.

Table Settings Inspired by Old World Elegance

The classic architectural elements and manicured gardens of Europe’s historically romantic destinations are rich inspiration for today’s most opulent celebrations. Escape with us to some of our favorite utopian settings, nestled under towering Mediterranean cypress trees and aglow with dancing candlelight.

Europe’s Enduring Romance

A subtle treatment of the dining table elements allows this garden’s magnificence to play host. The rich Caribbean Tuscany napkins dotting the neutral Shell Tuscany linen bring a saturated focal point to each guest’s seat.

Understated details like the metallic embossing of our White Josephine linen are a pleasant surprise when dining in the splendor of Le Petit Versailles. Elsewhere, the magnificent femininity of our Blush Primrose linen is a sweet complement to this lush garden scene.

Sleek simplicity is a hallmark of sophistication, as captured beautifully at this tented reception between a stand of Tuscan cypress trees.

Pairing simple Shell Tuscany linens with dazzling empire chandeliers demonstrates refined taste that allows the grandeur of this garden setting to shine.

Serene tones of French Blue and cream are perfectly at home beside the fountains of Chateau de Torreau.

Blush pink plaster walls and pink quartz details set the perfect tone for this flora-filled tablescape dressed in our Fern Amara linen.

The swags of our Blush Tulle Wave linen are a nod to the heavy, romantic drapes of ballrooms all across Europe, even when set in the dramatic landscape of Utah.

Nomad Collection – Embark on a global adventure

On to the next adventure! Discover our all new NOMAD Collection.

Embark on a journey of bold colors and exotic patterns in our new globally-inspired Nomad Collection. This collection celebrates the exquisite diversity of design across a spectrum of cultures, and we hope it ignites new design possibilities for you too. Let the adventure begin!

Browse the full catalog to see all that Nomad has to offer, or explore a few feature highlights from the collection below!

Browse the catalog & be inspired


HENNA TELLURIDE is a minimalist design that speaks volumes with its duochromatic details. Inspired by Native American motifs in an inkle loom style, this geometric gem brings the right amount of ‘bohemian’ to any gathering.


TAUPE AVRA draws inspiration from Indonesian batik fabrics with its intricate celebration of botanical elements. The abundance of details are softened in this subtle colorway that is suitable for any sophisticated occasion.


For any affair that calls for a little something special, TAUPE ARLO delivers. The glowing champagne hue of this Shibori-style design gives a warm glow that welcomes long evenings around the dinner table without any pretense.


Steal away to the Tuscan countryside with our vibrant CURRY BOSCO linen. Cheerful in every way, you’ll enjoy hosting atop this embroidered beauty from sunup to sundown.


With its brilliant golden beams, SUNSHINE ARLO will chase away any blues. Invite your guests to dine in the radiance of this Shibori-inspired design; we know it’ll brighten their day!


SUMMER TAOS is fiesta-ready for every season of the year. Dress this fresh take on a Navajo-style stripe with your choice of blue, orange, green, or any shade in between for a lively fete.


RUST ARLO sets the mood for a sumptuous celebration that draws late into the night with its organic Shibori stripe and warm-spice tone.


Dreaming of a warm evening under the expansive Tuscan sky? Notes of terracotta and handpainted tiles make our SIENNA BOSCO an ideal choice for an Italian-inspired affair.


CRIMSON SUNDANCE features a bold display of Southwest icons in a vivid hue of watermelon red. This Native American inspired design makes a magnificent statement for the host who’s looking to be bold.


Cheerful with shades of peach, apricot, and strawberry, our WILDFLOWER linen is lovely in every way. The delicate details in this painterly print are just the touch you need for a sweet soiree.


DENIM SUNDANCE brings a new energy to a classic denim look with its Ikat inspired motif.


Shades of sky blue against earthy sand make our BLUE TUCSON linen the quintessential Southwestern statement piece you never knew you needed. The geometric pattern reminiscent of Navajo serape blankets delivers major impact in a serene, desert-hued color palette.


LAKE AVRA is quietly sophisticated, with delicate embroidered botanical details that are styled with Indonesian batik flair. Pair this linen with sumptuous velvets for a rich & welcoming presentation.


SKY ARLO has us drifting away in the ethereal sheen of its barely blue hue. Reaching across like cirrus clouds, the Japanese shibori style stripe lends a subtle energy to this otherwise serene setting.


The verdant embroidery of our FERN AVRA linen lends an organic appeal to even the most formal of occasions.


FERN ARLO, with its striking jewel-toned shade, is captivating in all the right ways. Guests will easily luxuriate long into the evening around such a sumptuous setting.

Creative Partners//

Photography: Katie Lopez
Flowers: Anthology Co.

Denim Sundance Photos
Location: The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain
Planning & Design: Imoni Events
Photography: Corbin Gurkin (left), Judith Rae (right)
Floral Design: LUX Wedding Florist

Header, Curry Bosco and Footer Photos
Location: Castiglion del Bosco
Creative Direction, Planning & Styling: Krissy Campbell & Rebecca Hawkins
Photography: Jose Villa & Joel Serrato
Floral Design: Flowers Living