Nomad Collection – Embark on a global adventure

On to the next adventure! Discover our all new NOMAD Collection.

Embark on a journey of bold colors and exotic patterns in our new globally-inspired Nomad Collection. This collection celebrates the exquisite diversity of design across a spectrum of cultures, and we hope it ignites new design possibilities for you too. Let the adventure begin!

Browse the full catalog to see all that Nomad has to offer, or explore a few feature highlights from the collection below!

Browse the catalog & be inspired


HENNA TELLURIDE is a minimalist design that speaks volumes with its duochromatic details. Inspired by Native American motifs in an inkle loom style, this geometric gem brings the right amount of ‘bohemian’ to any gathering.


TAUPE AVRA draws inspiration from Indonesian batik fabrics with its intricate celebration of botanical elements. The abundance of details are softened in this subtle colorway that is suitable for any sophisticated occasion.


For any affair that calls for a little something special, TAUPE ARLO delivers. The glowing champagne hue of this Shibori-style design gives a warm glow that welcomes long evenings around the dinner table without any pretense.


Steal away to the Tuscan countryside with our vibrant CURRY BOSCO linen. Cheerful in every way, you’ll enjoy hosting atop this embroidered beauty from sunup to sundown.


With its brilliant golden beams, SUNSHINE ARLO will chase away any blues. Invite your guests to dine in the radiance of this Shibori-inspired design; we know it’ll brighten their day!


SUMMER TAOS is fiesta-ready for every season of the year. Dress this fresh take on a Navajo-style stripe with your choice of blue, orange, green, or any shade in between for a lively fete.


RUST ARLO sets the mood for a sumptuous celebration that draws late into the night with its organic Shibori stripe and warm-spice tone.


Dreaming of a warm evening under the expansive Tuscan sky? Notes of terracotta and handpainted tiles make our SIENNA BOSCO an ideal choice for an Italian-inspired affair.


CRIMSON SUNDANCE features a bold display of Southwest icons in a vivid hue of watermelon red. This Native American inspired design makes a magnificent statement for the host who’s looking to be bold.


Cheerful with shades of peach, apricot, and strawberry, our WILDFLOWER linen is lovely in every way. The delicate details in this painterly print are just the touch you need for a sweet soiree.


DENIM SUNDANCE brings a new energy to a classic denim look with its Ikat inspired motif.


Shades of sky blue against earthy sand make our BLUE TUCSON linen the quintessential Southwestern statement piece you never knew you needed. The geometric pattern reminiscent of Navajo serape blankets delivers major impact in a serene, desert-hued color palette.


LAKE AVRA is quietly sophisticated, with delicate embroidered botanical details that are styled with Indonesian batik flair. Pair this linen with sumptuous velvets for a rich & welcoming presentation.


SKY ARLO has us drifting away in the ethereal sheen of its barely blue hue. Reaching across like cirrus clouds, the Japanese shibori style stripe lends a subtle energy to this otherwise serene setting.


The verdant embroidery of our FERN AVRA linen lends an organic appeal to even the most formal of occasions.


FERN ARLO, with its striking jewel-toned shade, is captivating in all the right ways. Guests will easily luxuriate long into the evening around such a sumptuous setting.

Creative Partners//

Photography: Katie Lopez
Flowers: Anthology Co.

Denim Sundance Photos
Location: The Ritz-Carlton Dove Mountain
Planning & Design: Imoni Events
Photography: Corbin Gurkin (left), Judith Rae (right)
Floral Design: LUX Wedding Florist

Header, Curry Bosco and Footer Photos
Location: Castiglion del Bosco
Creative Direction, Planning & Styling: Krissy Campbell & Rebecca Hawkins
Photography: Jose Villa & Joel Serrato
Floral Design: Flowers Living