Lasercut Inspiration & A Conversation with Ceci New York

This week we are just so inspired by lasercut florals, an elegant new take on traditional designs. Lasercutting is an amazing tool that allows designers to play with various textures, layers, and sensibilities to craft memorable experiences for their clients.

Because of this, we were able to get together with Ceci Johnson from Ceci New York, the ultimate lasercut invitation designer, and collaborate on a few curated looks for you. Ranging from the modern to the vintage, from the art deco to the traditional, we’ve prepared a handpicked selection of delicate, but edgy modern lace options below. And don’t miss our amazing and insightful conversation with Ceci! Her story is nothing short of amazing and so inspirating to hear.



Wedding invitations are not all made the same. Each one has its own unique personality and style which draws inspiration from the couple’s story and shared experiences, as well as their dreams and vision for their big day. A wedding invitation is meant to be memorable, and to share emotions of joy and excitement to their family and friends.

Ultimately though, a wedding invitation is a precursor (a sneak peek, if you will) of the couple’s wedding celebration – setting the tone for what is to come. This week, we paired a few invitation styles from Ceci New York with a handpicked selection of our linens to give you some fresh inspiration for your next event.



The Art Deco trend is glamorous enough to never go out of style. Geometric patterns, shiny metallics, striking contrasts and luxurious fabrics add drama and glamour to all sorts of weddings and events. The Art Deco style–which emerged as the arts & design movement in France during the 1920’s–features ornate and extravagant details, bold geometric forms and rich colors, with a general lavish and opulent approach.

In recent years the love of Art Deco has been revived with movies such as The Great Gatsby and since then we’ve been seeing this ever-growing trend being translated into various weddings and events. If you’re looking to bring out the Deco Glam on your next event, make sure to check out our White and Gold Deco, Natural Mini Koi, and Copper Sequin Taffeta below!



The vintage trend is back with a bang. Its presence can be felt everywhere, especially in the fashion circuit and interior design; taking us back to a foregone era.

With its nostalgic value and eye-catching attributes, the “vintage” concept is creating ripples in the event industry for a reason! If you’re looking for a quaint and nostalgic feel on your next event, make sure to check out our Off White ShimmerPurple Big Lace, and Rose Iris below!



For those who deeply value family traditions and look to incorporate it in their wedding, the traditional design can still be fun and modern! While your details may be inspired from Victorian influences, make sure that your table linens soften your look and are able to bring unity to all the elements at play. A few of our favorite options for this style are the White Iris, Taupe Victorian Lace, and our Ivory French Lace. Above all, keep in mind that the table is the center of the party for each guest, so don’t be afraid to make it a little fun!



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