Discontinued Products

The following styles have been retired in favor of exciting new options arriving this year.

We recommend editing your Design Trunk to remove any swatches of the styles that are listed here to ensure your samples are up to date. Please note that not all styles were included in the Design Trunks.

If you have a confirmed order including one of the styles listed here, your order will be honored unless your account executive has notified you otherwise.

Please contact your Sales Rep for more information.

Romance Collection

Audrey – Silver, Gold

Tulle Rosettes – White

Beaded Tulle – Dusty Rose, Gold, Jeweled, Burgundy

Damask Organza – Silver, Gold

French Lace – White, Ivory

Ruffle – White, Champagne, Silver, Ivory, Blush

Jane – Rose Gold, Silver

Dahlia – Blush, Gold

Victorian Lace – Taupe, White

Web – Silver


Zig Zag – Black & White

Organic – Orange, Coral

Berlin – All Colors – Black, Navy, Gray, Sand, Ocean

Chevron – Teal, Hot Pink, Yellow

Starfish – Navy, Coral

Coral – Chartreuse, Turquoise, Hot Pink

Moroccan – Coral

Stripe – Lapis

Greek Key – Apple, Hot Pink

Lyon – Calypso


Barboza – Blue, Pink, Orange

Ditsy – Blush

Brookline – Bone, Linen, Sand

Chained – Seaspray, Grey, Ivory

Stencil – Navy

Damask Scroll – Blush

Hemp Flocking – Brown

Aura – Silver

Nantucket – Navy

Mayfair – Spa, Kiwi


Barcelona Lace – Black

Koi – Orange

Sequin Circle – Purple

Sequin Chain – Silver, Gold

Sequin Bubble – All Colors – Chartreuse, Gold, Hot Pink, Orange

Sequin Chevron – All Colors – Silver, Purple, Taupe, Black & White

Sequin Mesh – All Colors – Silver, Navy, Royal, Aqua, Red, Orange, Magenta, Hot Pink, Copper, Gold

Sequin Houndstooth – White & Silver

Sequin Rain – Pewter

Sequin Glam – Mixed Metal

Mini Koi – Spa

Capitale – Gold


Faux Dupioni – Premier Rose, Latte, Victorian Gold, Ultra Pumpkin, Powder blue, Kiwi, Capri Kiwi, Lizberry, Sienna, Evening Mauve, Ultra Ruby, Burgundy, Storm Navy

Satin – Fiesta Coral, Powder Puff, Cerise, Copper Penny, Ultra Brown, Goldmine, Valentine Red, Evening Mauve, Majestic Purple, Mint, Tiffany Blue, Kiwi, Ultra Citron, Vanilla cream

Crinkled Taffeta – All Colors – Black, Midnight Blue, Heather Gray, Smoke, Silver, Chocolate, Copper, Cognac, Blue, Apple, Jade, Tiffany, Burgundy, Eggplant, Orchid, Orange, Coral, Hot Pink, Pink, Lmink, Gold, Champagne, Ivory, White

Metallic Faux Dupioni – All Colors – Lipstick, Pink, Silver, Cypress, Stone, Gold, Buff, Sand


Y – Blue & Silver, Orange & Gold

Damask Embossed Velvet – Copper

Damask Velvet – Plum & Gold Leaf, White & Gold Leaf

Orchid Taffeta – Ivory & Gold

Dakota – Harvest

Damask Velvet – Red

Gardenia – Champagne

Geo Mod – Tan

Metallic Maze – Black Reversible, Plum

Lino Collection

Harmony – Avocado, Orange, Sun Gold, White

Oxford – Petal

Preston Bailey Collection

Petals – Blush, White

Ethereal Collection

Heather – Purple, Orange, Hot Pink

Allure Collection

Quilted Leather – Lilac


Orange Harmony, White Harmony, Latte Satin w/ Off White Lace, Seaspray Chained, White Ruffle, Ivory Ruffle, Gold Capitale, Silver Gardenia, Hot Pink Coral, Navy Nantucket, Plum Maze