Let’s Get Virtual!

We’ve partnered with Merri to bring you a best-in-class design experience, in 3D! You can now create fully customized 3D renderings of your design concepts featuring your favorite Nüage Designs linens, napkins, chargers, and furniture items.You’ve got to check this out!

Eliminate the guesswork of deciding whether a pattern is too busy for a ballroom or whether your charger and napkin are going to jive. Simply select your venue space, add your favorite Nüage Designs pieces and other decor elements to your vision board, and bring your event vision to life with a few swift clicks of your mouse.

Having second thoughts about your farm table styling? Let’s change the napkin from a waterfall placement to a diamond fold under the menu and add a runner for more dimension.

Or maybe your client has rescheduled their event from April to August and wants a new tropical redesign. No problem! Your favorite Nüage Designs collections are available to make that shift right along with you.

From here, you can easily export and share your design concepts with any client – near, far, and socially distanced – without the hassle and expense of coordinating an entire vendor team for a full scale prototype presentation. Quickly troubleshoot design woes, reconfigure accessory combinations, and manage your rental needs all within one beautifully designed platform.

When your client’s event day arrives, they’ll experience the thrill of their vision brought to life without any of the unwanted surprises.

Photo: Bamber Photography | Design & Planning: The Social Office

Ready to get in on the action?
Join us for an exclusive webinar training session with the Merri Founder & CEO on November 19th at 3:00pm EST. She’ll give us a full walk through of the platform and answer any questions you have!

See you on Merri!