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Find Inspiration

right at your fingertips!

The Design Trunk is your ultimate go-to source for inspiration. Use it to conveniently design on the go
and let one of our swatches lead to your next big concept or design idea.

With close to 400 samples of sequins, metallics, prints and everything in between, the design trunk has just the right piece for your next event.
Ready to start designing? Click below to get yours now.

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Discover what’s inside.

…and there’s more!

Solids Collection

Pick your color from a multitude of textures: Discover Our Metallics, Lino, Faux Dupioni, Peau de Soie Satin, and Crinkled Taffeta Collections.

Preston Bailey Collection

Globally Celebrated Event Designer Preston Bailey and Nüage Designs come together to create a one-of-a-kind wedding linen collection. Browse here.

Chair Interlace Collection Catalogue

Our new interlace collection consists of “jewels” that accentuate the backs of chair covers. Each piece is a work of art that adds a finishing touch to your event design. Browse here.